Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to do with what you have

Now that you know how to use a Research Log, it’s time to start researching.  Where to go?  What to do?  I suggest you start with yourself.  Get a box or a file folder and gather all the important documents that pertain to your life.  Then use some sort of genealogical software to compile and store your information on the computer.  I won’t discuss which software is best in this post because 1) All have pros and cons and 2) I haven’t decided myself, yet!  I’m in the weeding process right now.  I’ve used Personal Ancestral File for a long time, but it will no longer be updated, therefore I’ve got to choose another one.  If you want to try some out before you buy, you can get some FREE trial versions.  Here are a few.

Now your assignment is to gather your important documents, start looking into what software you like, and then entering information for yourself in some of the software.  This will help you choose which you like best.  Different versions will appeal differently to different people (did I type “different” enough?).   


Beutler Family said...

Very good suggestions. I have a suggestion for the overall look of the blog. I love the blogs main picture. It is wonderful. I just think that you should add a quick statement describing the blog, like "a place to research, learn, and share" or something.

Beutler Family said...

this is unrelated to the current post, but I found this website and really like it. If you have thoought of adding actual names and records, the administrators of this site might know how to get it set up.